Our Infant Program

Our infant program provides a loving and enriching environment designed to establish an atmosphere of safety and security. We talk, read and sing to infants, hold them and rock them. Each infant will sleep in his or her own crib.

Our center provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere to allow your infant to feel loved and secure. Our dedicated and experienced staff adheres to your baby’s, on demand, schedule to maintain consistency between home and school.

The individualized attention provided by our nurturing staff will create a pleasant, happy and safe time at Imagination Station.

We are committed to providing the healthiest environment possible; therefore, we have strict policies in place to ensure all Infant surroundings are sanitary and safe.

Safe & Secure

Imagination Station Infant







What the Parents Say

“For the past 10 years the amazing staff at Imagination Station have provided wonderful care for my children. They offer a very caring, healthy and safe environment where kids thrive – always taking into consideration each child’s individual needs. My kids have been very lucky to attend the Snoqualmie location. I am very grateful to everyone at the center for the care they provide.”


~ Kristin W.