Our Preschool Program

Our preschool program approaches everyday with imagination, innovation and most of all, fun! The curriculum includes a combination of group activities, problem solving skills, cognitive development and the joy and excitement of learning. Patient, nurturing teachers guide children to make good choices. Our pre-school program emphasizes positive self-esteem, exploration and experimentation that provide the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills.

Our Preschool Program is designed to provide a strong foundation for children, preparing them for Pre-K and beyond. Positive social skills and self-help skills are essential for success in their future academic careers. Children in this program are encouraged to practice many self-help skills, such as putting on their coat, socks and shoes themselves, using the restroom and serving themselves at meals.


Science Exploration Imagination Station


Nature Imagination Station


Playground Pals Imagination Station


Getting dirty Imagination Station

What the Parents Say

Returning to work can be a difficult time for new parents and it is so important to find childcare that can provide the love, care and culture you want for your children. Imagination Station gives me peace of mind, knowing that while I’m away, my children are safe, learning and socializing with other children of the same age. My children’s teachers are friendly, patient, creative and always prepared with new activities to make learning fun! Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for Imagination Station!

~ Malia