Through ongoing observation and assessment we create individual
goals as we strive to develop the “whole child.”

We believe that children are strong, capable learners worthy of our unconditional love, trust and support.  This is based on the belief that children learn by doing.  We value hands on learning experiences because we believe children learn about themselves as well as the world around them through investigation and discovery.  We follow the child’s lead by using an emergent curriculum.

Our activities, lessons and materials are carefully selected based on the current interests of the children as well as their individual goals and needs.  We provide open ended age appropriate materials throughout interest areas as well as a balance of teacher directed versus child initiated activities.

These tools allow us to promote growth in cognitive, social-emotional, physical and language skills at developmentally appropriate stages. The roles of our teachers are partners, nurturers, observers and facilitators.  Using these roles the teachers are able to plan, assess, implement and elevate day to day activities in a warm encouraging environment.

Happy, healthy families and children are our top priority.  We want every child and family to reach their maximum potential.  We believe putting our curriculum philosophy into our everyday experiences is the best way to promote this based on our belief of how children learn and develop.